Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From then until now ...

Johnny, After you moved back home, it took a while to get into a routine. Maybe it was because you didn't have therapists coming to the house or maybe because it was summer. Slowly a routine started to emerge based around doctor appointments, ortho for Jackie and various other activities. After you were home a couple of months, mom got with your medical doctor and went over your medication list. Together they were able to eliminate several meds. On may 25th, Jackie turned 14!!! Johnny, she has changed so much. She's turning into a lady right before our eyes! In July you started outpatient speech therapy. You failed the dysphasia gram again because you don't like the taste of the barium and refused to swallow it! You'd think that they, the therapists, could come up with something else to test with. It's crazy for them to think that something is right for everyone! It's definitely not one size fits all with you Johnny! Well, mom couldn't see the therapist was doing anything for you that she couldn't do at home so you stopped going. We felt like the therapist was wasting what little outpatient benefits you had! Well, you pulled your trach out again! It took mom a while but she got it back in, wishing she had three hands! You thought it was funny and laughed at her for next hour! A few weeks later your lung doctor told mom to pull out the trach, he said you didn't need it! As I type this update, you are in the process of settling into your new live in rehab. I don't know for how long you'll be there or what the outcome will be. My prayer is that you can walk out of that place and come back home. Nothing is too big for God! Love you Johnny!! Xo Jen

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